Vee Rubber tyres, manufactured in Thailand, are renowned for their very high quality and unmatched standards in the industry.

    With a commitment to excellence, these tyres are meticulously crafted to deliver top-of-the-line performance and durability. Vee Rubber holds ISO 9000 certification, further attesting to their commitment to delivering exceptional products. Designed to handle even the toughest road conditions, these tyres offer superior grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces. With a wide range of tread patterns and sizes available for motorcycles, passenger-carrying vehicles, and ATVs, Vee Rubber tyres cater to diverse vehicle types and riding styles. Experience unbeatable performance, reliability, and safety with Vee Rubber tyres - a true testament to Thailand's expertise in tyre manufacturing

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The Cycle Importers Ltd

Since our establishment in Kenya in 1948, The Cycle Importers Ltd. has remained at the forefront of the motorcycle industry. Passed down through generations and now led by a dynamic brother-sister team, our deep-rooted experience has honed our expertise in all types of motorcycles, offering an extensive selection that caters to both enthusiasts and everyday commuters.

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